Wired To Eat: Almost There!

Hey everyone!

We are just hours away from the official release of Wired To Eat in the US and Canada! Here are some commonly asked questions, and a stab at answers:

What is the international availability?

It is currently available in the UK, Italy and Brazil are in process and I’ll update folks on international availability as I get that information.

Audio Version?

Audio version should be available March 28th.

Can I still pre-order and get those nifty bonuses?

Yes, yes you can. there are a number of online retailers you can pre-order a copy AND the instructions for getting your bonus materials. Please note: these bonuses go away at midnight today, Pacific time. No exceptions!! Follow the instructions at the link, make sure to check your spam filter. 99% of the folks who “did not receive the bonuses” found them in their spam folder.

Ordering things online will never catch on, how do I get one from “The Real World?”

Wired To Eat is available anywhere books are sold. What this generally means is traditional books stores from the name brand options to locally owned, independent shops. WTE will be available at more than 150 Costco locations. Unfortunately, I do not know yet which specific locations, but if I track that down I’ll update this post.

Robb, how else can I help?

Picking up a copy of the book is huge. If I can hump your collective knee’s for one additional favor it’s to post an honest review. I want to hear the good and the stuff that needs clarifying and improving. Blogs and social media are great for this but posting on a retailer site honestly makes or breaks a book over the long haul. If you like Wired To Eat, if you think it would be valuable for other folks, please take a moment and do an online review.

I wanted to thank all of you that pre-ordered, shared social media posts, hosted me on your blog or podcast. I am profoundly humbled by the support and response I’ve received. I’m used to being the one who “gives” and I must admit it’s sometimes uncomfortable to flip this around and be the one on the receiving end of help. All I can say is a slightly weepy-eyed “thank you” and to ask Nicki to quit cutting onions. Damn things.


Original Source: Wired To Eat: Almost There!


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