Wired To Eat Winners!

Hey folks!

So, I posted on social media that if y’all had questions about Wired To Eat I’d tackle them in a video. I figured I’d get a few questions and  out of those i’d pick my three favorites and send the authors an autographed copy of WTE. Well…I had a bit more response than I’d anticipated! Thanks to everyone who submitted a question, I’ll be working my way through as many of these as ai can over the next few days. For now here are the folks who submitted my favorite questions:

Susanmesaverde Biggest fan from The Netherlands here! 🙌🏻 My question: did you change your opinion about the most optimal diet for humans in these past years or is this still paleo, even with all your newly gained knowledge? I am very curious how this is presented in Wired To Eat, looking forward to reading it!

Healthier_keri excited to read this book! My question would be – for people who have struggled for so many years with weight loss/diet change, how will this book provide some different information? Especially for someone who has jumped from Paleo to Keto and everything in between?

J_tav1 @dasrobbwolf it seems that humans do better with less food then more food, so why are we wired to eat through ghrelin? The more we eat the more we are wired to eat. Even to our detriment. What is the evolutionary point behind it?

Wired To Eat officially launches in the US next Tuesday, March 21st. If you want to get some amazing bonus materials make sure to pre-order before that date and follow the instructions at this link to get your swag!


Original Source: Wired To Eat Winners!


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