Change Your Life In 30 Days?: 30-Day Challenges – The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between

Clean Eating

It’s January and that means the annual onslaught of “New Year. New You.” New Year’s resolution and 30-Day Challenge personal and gym promotions. Facebook is full of folks ‘publicly declaring their 30-day commitments to working out and ‘eating clean’. Gyms are running specials and hosting time-specific contests (usually lasting 30-days…) to see which members can lose the most weight, body fat and/or inches. People are fired-up and seriously, you can do anything for 30 days, right?

Well, the whole “30-day challenge” thing fires me up a little bit. And one day (not so long ago) after getting another email from a potential client asking me to help him lose as much weight/body fat as possible in, you guessed it – 30 days, so that he could win the monetary prize at his gym just pushed me over the edge. Without giving it much thought (because that’s how I roll – and it’s not a good thing…) I posted this on my Facebook page:

Facts of Life: 
Changing your life is not a “30-Day” Challenge and anyone telling you that it is – is selling you something. 

And that folks, is why you’re being subjected to this and several upcoming posts about the ins, outs, goods and bads of 30-day challenges. In retrospect, I probably should have offered a few more specifics in my post explaining why I said what I did, the way I did. But, as usual, I get fired up about something and BAM! It’s out there before I think about it. (Note to self: Social media is probably not the best outlet for your ‘passion’.) Anyway, it led to a good bit of debate and some, dare I say controversy? (I dared…) I ended up shooting an email to Robb and after some discussion he threw out this idea about a series of blog posts dissecting the whole “30-Day” dash to health. I was all over that like grease on bacon – it was genius. So, thanks to my chronic “diarrhea of the mouth” (and typing fingers), you are being subjected to a series of posts dissecting 30-Day Challenges as follows:

30-Day Challenge Analysis Part 1: Pros and Cons of 30-Day ‘Sprints’ to Ultimate Health

30-Day Challenge Analysis Part 2: Abusing The System – How We Screw Up The Process & Ourselves

30-Day Challenge Analysis Part 3: Changing Your Life For Real – Let’s Do This Right

Stay tuned! Part 1 is coming soon!

Original Source: Change Your Life In 30 Days?: 30-Day Challenges – The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between


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