Regrarians: Polyfaces The Film



Regrarians have made a film about Polyface Farm, a third-generation farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, that shows us how to regenerate our landscapes, communities, local economies, health and most importantly, our soils!

Polyfaces: The Film is full of inspiring examples of how we can do all this whilst keeping families on farms, producing quality, nutrient-dense food, working with nature w hile encouraging and supporting a whole new generation of farmers!

Small-scale farming is changing our communities, our land and our lives for the better. This film captures the dire need for mass agricultural change on a global level and how we can choose to employ positive, solution-based strategies to empower people to make more informed consumer decisions & change the way we eat, buy & grow food, forever.

Your support of this film goes towards having it translated into as many languages as possible, so we can widespread this hopeful & regenerative future we know is possible.
Polyfaces is available now, Click HERE for DVD, Streaming & Community Screening purchases.

Original Source: Regrarians: Polyfaces The Film


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