Event: How to Grow Your Practice by Incorporating Microbiome & Nutrigenomic Medicine!

Hey everyone,

We just wanted to let you know about a great event coming up that our friend Dr. Grace Liu is hosting. Details below:


How to Grow Your Practice by Incorporating Microbiome & Nutrigenomic Medicine

Dec 10-11, 2016

Location: Berkeley Marina, California

This is for you if:
  • Your coaching or clinical practice is not as profitable as you would like
  • Love what do but don’t have business skills
  • Are curious and want to add additional income streams
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed with complex and difficult to manage patients
  • You are tired of doing it alone and want to create deep connections and be part of a community here to support you in changing the world
You will walk away with….
  • You will walk away with swag worth over $800 – so the conference is virtually FREE
  • Knowledge on how to build your business
  • Cutting-edge, personalized medicine protocols for your clients
  • A deep connection with new lifelong friends and future collaboration partners
  • Part of a growing emerging international community who are at the forefront of functional medicine for methylation and microbiome medicine

This an event like no other.  We are bringing together hundreds of leading practitioners

This will be transformational experience –  if you plan to come and just sit in the seat and take notes – then this is not for you…  You will not leave the same as you came.

You won’t want to miss this life changing event! We are going to have so much fun supporting each other and learning advanced customized protocols!

Grow your practice and your income.  Become THE go-to functional medicine practitioner in your area. Each attendee receives complimentary gifts valued at over $800 for use in your coaching and clinical practice!

Here is the link to sign up: (and save $200 before December 5th, 2016):


When you arrive, all attendees will receive the following in the gift bag. The Swag Bag is worth over $800 from our generous sponsors (and growing):

  • Health Practice Business Club (Dr Anh’s Membership $99/month — 1 Month Complimentary)
  • ToolBoxGenomics.com Nutrigenomic Launch Report ($49 Value)
  • ToolBoxGenomics.com One Year Subscription For Premium Support Service ($150 Value)
  • The Microbiome Letter (Membership $99/month — 1 Month Complimentary)
  • Great Plains Urine Organic Acid Test (Retail $299 Value)
  • Prescript Assist ($50 value)
  • Designs For Health Carnosine Supreme ($56 Value)
  • Equilibrium 115 Ancestral Strains Probiotic ($34 Value)
  • Ultra BIFIDO|MAXIMUS Probiotic ($120 Value)
  • uBiome Stool Sequencing Kit ($89 Value)
  • Much more…

Register NOW before prices increase by $200 after December 5th, 2016! Click here to enroll:


No other training covers these topics under one roof! Mastering the below, you will impact more clients, multiply profitability for your practice, and make you a better clinician and coach.

    • Clinical Skills:
      • Using nutrigenomics to guide nutrition therapy
  • MTHFR: maybe it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be
      • Advanced techniques for balancing and restoring the microbiome
  • List the clinical gaps in current SIBO and mannitol-lactulose permeability studies
    • Business Skills:
      • Navigating the new digital terrain: Why fee-for-service is out and what business model to use instead.
      • The sales process and how to close more clients
  • Passive Income: Work Less, Make More.
    • Why getting elite coaching and training is important to help you grow your business
  • And so much more!


We are very excited to be sharing this with you!

If you have any questions please email us at Academy@TheGutInstitute.com
To your wisdom and hearts for healing,

Drs Erika, Anh and Grace

Dr. Erika Gray, PharmD
Chief Medical Officer, Co-founder

Dr. Anh Nguyen, PharmD, BCACP
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Founder, Health Coach Marketing Institute

Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD AFMCP
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Gut Health Educator, Founder


If you want to deepen your clinical skills, improve your self-confidence, get your clients rapid results, grow your practice, make more income, and network with other functional medicine practitioners and coaches…then this 2-day live training event is for you! Enroll now before December 5, 2016, and save almost 30% off!  >>> YES, ROCK MY MICROBIOME, NUTRIGENOMICS AND MY PRACTICE <<<

Original Source: Event: How to Grow Your Practice by Incorporating Microbiome & Nutrigenomic Medicine!


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