Episode 335 – Dr. Amy Myers – The Thyroid Connection


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We’re back with another new episode of the podcast. This week we have fantastic guest Dr. Amy Myers joining us. Listen in as we talk about her new book The Thyroid Connection, functional medicine, thyroid issues and autoimmune thyroid conditions, research, treatment, etc.

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Guest: Dr. Amy Myers

Website: http://www.amymyersmd.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AmyMyersMD
Twitter: @AmyMyersMD

Check out Dr. Myers’ new book The Thyroid Connection.

When you pre-order your book before September 27th, you’ll receive over $1,000 worth of FREE, life-changing resources, including:

  • $10 Gift Card to Dr. Myers’ Online Store
  • A Guide to Working with Your Doctor
  • A Guide to the Power of Food
  • A Guide to a Toxin-Free Home
  • A Guide to Stress Management
  • Weekly Shopping Lists for the 28-day Meal Plan in the Book
  • Thyroid-Supporting Smoothie Recipes eBook
  • Plus lots of gifts and savings from Dr. Myers’ favorite healthy living brands

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Original Source: Episode 335 – Dr. Amy Myers – The Thyroid Connection


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