Incredible bundle of resources: The Paleo Family Toolkit

Hey folks!

I want to let you know about a fantastic program put together by The Paleo Mom (Sarah Ballantyne) and her team called “the Paleo Family Toolkit.” This is a group collaboration between myself, Mark Sisson, Liz Wolfe, Danielle Walker and number of other people in the Ancestral Health movement. This is a “soup to nuts” offering that can help your whole family eat better while having fun and spending quality time together. Whether you’re a parent, a teen, a college student or anywhere in between, this collection of resources will have something relevant to your life. Experienced paleo parents and newcomers alike will pick up tips from these incredible materials. The Paleo Family Toolkit is quite simply the best resource on the planet for paleo families!

What you get

I’ll just hit a few of the highlights of what you get with the program:

-More than 40 e-books

-12 interviews with experts on how to feed the family paleo

-Tons of free resources + over 50 coupons and discounts on awesome products and services

Also, in addition to the instant download, your toolkit will come with a USB flash drive backup preloaded with the entire toolkit and mailed to your home for no additional charge, so you can keep your resources forever!

This offer is only available through Monday, May 9th, so be sure to check it out now!

books-and-interviews (1)

Original Source: Incredible bundle of resources: The Paleo Family Toolkit


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