Testimonial – Paleo Put Me Back On Track

Testimonial written by: Nick

I truly enjoy your podcasts and web data. They have changed my life significantly in just under a year. Your anti-inflammatory and paleo diet has put me back on track to what I once was.

At 47, with two kids, a committed and engaged spouse, and a demanding career- packed with sporadic unplanned travel…I was headed to unhealthiness and fast.   I used to nostalgically look back to the specimen of health I once was.  And now you have helped me get back on track.

I am a re-engaged energetic family man, my Tri times are better than ever, my Box sees me regularly, and I’m killing it at the office. I am stronger and faster at 47 than I was over the past 10 years.  My 2015 sick time compared to the last 5 years is essentially nonexistent. All thanks to you and your wonderful experts who share fantastic lessons and experiences on your podcasts!

A simple THANK YOU to you from me and my family.   I look forward to you keeping us educated and inspired!!!


Original Source: Testimonial – Paleo Put Me Back On Track


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