Holiday Gift Guide 2015

It’s that time of year again! Yessiree—when folks freak out about finding the perfect gifts for family, coworkers, and/or pals. Good thing I’ve got you covered with this list of Nom Nom-approved gifts! Just so you know, I’ve researched, purchased, and tested out all of these items personally, and I gotta tell you—they all bring me so much joy. Because I’ve got eclectic taste, I bet you’ll find something on this list that’ll fit your budget and appeal to that special someone.

Ready to get gifty?

Gifts for Your Favorite Nomster:
Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

In the market for a one-of-a-kind personalized Nom Nom Paleo item? My favorite local independent bookstore, Book’s Inc., has partnered with us to provide signed and personalized copies of our New York Times best-selling cookbook! I’ll even throw in a FREE pair of super-exclusive Nom Nom Paleo socks if yours is among the first 50 orders! 

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Here’s the thing: these cozy and cute Gumball Poodle knee high socks aren’t sold ANYWHERE, so get ’em while supplies last. Also, this offer is only for a limited time, so order by clicking on this link no later than December 11th to ensure Christmas delivery in the U.S. and Canada. Don’t forget to make sure you specify in the comment field of your order that you would like a signed copy and how you want it personalized! 

Also, if you know someone who would love a Mini Michelle in his or her kitchen, be sure to order one here. BLACK FRIDAY DEAL(For those of you who have asked about additional kitchen accessories, Mini Michelle fits perfectly in this set from Calico Critters.) 

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Gifts for Your Favorite Cook:

I’m an electric kitchen appliance enthusiast, so if you know someone who loves to cook and won’t be offended if you give ’em a cooking gadget for the holidays, I’ve got lots of stuff to recommend!

Breville Smart Oven: I’ve owned one for more than three years, and believe it or not, I use this countertop oven more than my regular oven. It’s perfect for roasting small chickens, vegetables—you name it. (The only thing I don’t make in it is toast. Or bagels.)

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Water Kettle: This kettle’s perfect for your finicky tea and coffee connoisseur pals who are hyper-exacting about the temperature of the water used to make their hot beverages. Me? I love it ’cause it heats water in a hurry—it’s much faster than a kettle and keeps water warm ’til I need it.

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker: You’ve heard me rave about this gadget repeatedly, but once more with feeling: The Instant Pot is hands-down my favorite kitchen appliance in my house. I use it all the time and give it to everyone I love. Best thing ever.

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Hedley & Bennett aprons: I’ve loved these stylish and functional aprons ever since my sister gave me one a few years back. I’ve since built up a collection of Hedley & Bennett aprons, and I wear ’em all the time!

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Need stocking stuffers for your favorite cook?

I’m obsessed with GIR silicone spatulas! My two favorite ones are the bacon spatula and the new Mini Flip—perfect for crispy fried eggs!

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Microplane Rasp Grater: A magical kitchen tool that I can’t live without.

Thermapen: Seriously, the most accurate and quickest reading thermometer I’ve ever tried. They’re a bit pricey, but worth every penny.

Primal Palate’s Organic Spices: I love Bill and Hayley’s signature blends, and use them in everything. Folks who love to bake will love the Sweet Pack. These spices are truly shortcuts to deliciousness!

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Gifts for Your Aspiring Food Blogger Pals:

People ask me all the time about the equipment we use to produce the content on this blog, in our book, and on our app. I’m going to spill it all here!

Not everyone knows this, but Henry’s in charge of all the photos and graphics on the site. He’s used a bunch of cameras, but the latest addition to his camera bag is a Nikon D7200, and for food pics, he relies on lenses like this one and this one.

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

But hey—I’m no slouch, either! I’m in charge of using my iPhone 6 Plus to shoot Instagram pictures and Periscope videos. I love my Olloclip because it allows me to quickly add a fisheye or wide-angle lens when needed. I also keep a i-Blason external battery in my bag at all times so my cell phone never runs out of juice.

My standing workstation in my kitchen consists of my Macbook Pro perched atop a mStand laptop stand.  I’ve connected an Apple Magic wireless keyboard and trackpad to my computer so my hands are positioned at the right place. 

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

When I work outside of the house, I stay hydrated with hot coffee, ice water, or steaming bone broth by packing them in a Healthy Human insulted water bottle or Zojirushi thermos. Bonus: All of these items fit easily in my backpack so I can work from anywhere!

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Gifts for Your Sleep-Deprived Pals:

As someone who worked the nightshift for twelve years, I know a thing or two about the importance of getting good sleep. (Need tips and tricks? Read this post on Surviving the Night Shift.) Here are some items that I use nightly that help me get a good night’s sleep. 

I don’t recommend keeping electronics in the bedroom, but I do make one exception for the Kindle Voyage on my nightstand. This book reader isn’t backlit like an iPad, and it allows me to read and relax before bedtime without blue light shining into my eyes. Plus, I hate propping a heavy book on my chest at night, so I much prefer this lightweight reader. 

Even though the Kindle doesn’t emit a ton of blue light that suppresses melatonin, I still wear amber goggles at night. I used to wear cheaper goggles, but found that they scratch easily (and look cheesy as a gift). Instead, I’ve upgraded to this pair of Gunnar Optiks gaming glasses. They look less dorky on my face, and work really well. 

Nom Nom Paleo Holiday Gift Guide 2015 by Michelle Tam

Although we don’t have a bright digital alarm clock in our room anymore, we still need to know what time it is in our pitchblack bedroom. That’s why I got this battery operated, old-school clock. It doesn’t have glow-in-the dark arms or numbers (which I love), yet you can press a button to turn on a light on the clock face to check the time when you need to. Also, it makes no noise at all, and is small enough to pack on your travels.

If light is still seeping into your sleeping space, consider an eye mask. Hands-down, the best eye mask is this one from Tempurpedic. It’s super comfortable because it’s adjustable and doesn’t press against your eyelids (you can blink with it on!). Believe me: I’ve tried them all, and this one is unbeatable. 

Okay—that’s all I got. Have a wonderful holiday! And remember, the best gift of all is just spending quality time with your loved ones!

Looking for more recipes? Head on over to my Recipe Index! You’ll also find exclusive recipes on my iPad® app, and in my New York Times-bestselling cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans (Andrews McMeel 2013).

Original Source: Holiday Gift Guide 2015


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