Testimonial: 100lbs Down and No Asthma!

Testimonial written by: Jesse Abbruzzese 

I started the paleo diet after reading an article by a crossfit guy that was titled “How Grains are Killing You”. The title caught my attention. Before I knew it, I had an understanding of lectins. With every article, I dove into new topics.

Robb Wolf’s site was instrumental in my education and application of the paleo diet. Being into research and wanting more elaborate information, I naturally started reading peer reviewed journals and I found Dr. Cordain’s work.

Since March 2015 (8 months ago) I have achieved my primary goal of treating my IBS. In addition, I have lost 100 lbs and my asthma is practically gone. I did it, no WE did it, finally! Thank you my life will never be the same.


Original Source: Testimonial: 100lbs Down and No Asthma!


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