Sustainability > Dogma

Hey folks, you might have heard me say Sustainability > Abs, but now I’ve got a new message. Sustainability > Dogma. All too often, people with good intentions get caught up in the small differences between their version of the optimal human diet and miss the point. Large egos can erode well-intentioned groups. The fact is, those of us in the “real food” movement have a common goal: to get people healthier by encouraging them to eat high quality food grown in a sustainable way.

This is about more than getting six-pack abs.

When it comes down to it, the health of our bodies is directly tied to how our food is produced. We have the right to choose food from producers who respect nature. Nutritionally dense food cannot be grown in a lab, under florescent lights. Real food requires sunlight, clean water, and healthy soil. The health of our soil is critical to the future of our food. Without good soil, we’re doomed. This is why I’m so involved in the work of Joel Salatin, The Savory Institute, and The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

I wanted to let you know about an exciting new group called the Paleo-Primal-Price Foundation (P3).homepageMeme

Hats off to this new organization. Their goal is to embrace all aspects of these fundamental diets with bottom-up governance. Their inaugural conference is taking place on November 21 and 22 in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Although I can’t be there personally, my colleague Diana Rodgers will be giving a keynote, “Sustainability > Dogma” in addition to the presentation she gave at the Ancestral Health Symposium New Zealand about why red meat is not only great for human health, but also for the environment. I highly encourage those of you who care about the future of our food movement to check out the P3 (Paleo-Primal-Price Foundation) and foster an open dialogue with like-minded groups.

Be sure to use these discount codes for registration:
For $50 off the conference use discount code: ROBBWOLF$50
For $30 off the on-demand videos use discount code: ROBBWOLF$30

Diana Rodgers FFNW





Original Source: Sustainability > Dogma


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